We stand before “a crime against humanity”

Interior Minister Amade Miquidade on Tuesday classified the armed attacks carried out by groups considered terrorists in Cabo Delgado as a “crime against humanity”.

“We are seeing an unfortunate situation, we are watching our fellow citizens, old people, women and children, leaving their normal habitat in the search of greater security. It is a crime against humanity,” the minister declared.

Miquidade was speaking to the media in Maputo after a meeting with deputies of the First Commission of the Assembly of the Republic, who recently visited Cabo Delgado prior to producing a report on the humanitarian crisis caused by armed violence in the province.

Amade Miquidade said that the Defence and Security Forces on the ground continue operations to ensure the safety of those affected by the violence. “The Defence and Security Forces do everything, did everything and will do everything to guarantee the security of citizens,” he stressed.

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