Waving on music with Jerry Muchanga the lead vocal of the Rock Band 'Onda Way'

Onda Way were formed in Μaputo, the bustling capital of Mozambique in 2014. Since their formation, they have performed as a trio with Jerry Muchanga on bass and Miro on guitar and several drummers including Brazil´s resident Dr. Filipe. Short before the "Dekonstruction" recording sessions in 2017 they were joined by a fourth member on the organ (Luís Cerqueiro) and rearranged their existing reportoire and composed new tunes for the recording process with a new drummer (Roland Pickl Mudungaze).

Their live appearances took place along the way in a variety of venues along Mozambique (including Cine Gil Vicente, Associação dos músicos, and Buraco da Mafalala). Onda Way’s lyrics tackle themes relating to social issues like degradation within Mozambican social life, modern forms of exploitation, abuse of human rights, corruption, and the fight for the improvement of living conditions.

There first album "Dekonstruction" premiered on 28th of September 2018 and since then the band has been writing and recording their follow-up "Wireless". Three singles have been published since: "Black Matapa", "Medication", and "Going to Hell". The full album is expected to be released around May 2021.

EV- Travelling into the Rock music was a coincidence or the sound found you along the way ?

JM- Correct i can say that i was introduced to Rock music at home meaning that when i was born , at home we had a vinyl player and my dad had various records, and amongst them Rolling stones, the Bread, deep purple , joannes joplin , Black Sabbath and others. So my first engagement with Rock Music started at home.

EV- Could you tell us more about your albums. Are all the albuns children of the same mother and father and which one do you consider the best?

JM- Yap onda way so far has released an album in 2018 with the tittle deconstruction which has 10 songs, all originals, and so far we have released 3 singles from our upcoming album Wireless, all the songs that the band has released so far, belong to the same father and the same mother, the creativity process in the band is very fluid and we fortunately have the same music influences, in this manner it is easy for us to express our music instincts, it’s important to mention that the in first Album most of the compositions were done by me and the guitarist MIRO MAGICO whom I know for more than 30 years and with whom I had different bands while growing up. In the second album the band had a opportunity to work together and we explored the various experiences and journeys of each band member. It’s hard to name the best song for me in particular because each song represents different filling in my existence but the song that struck me the most from deconstruction is delusional and I believe it has to do with me being influenced a lot by Ozzy ousbourne

EV- Peping up your mind , what was the best concert you have performed?

JM- It’s hard for me to mention the best concert with bands because most of the time we play as the main act, and the last concert at Gil Vicente was a killer good crowed and a memorable performance on he day. But yes I remember that when the band was still coming together we used to play a lot at Associacao dos musicos on Thursday and Fridays where it was a jam session and the band use to always participate, it was a good opportunity to grow because there other bands playing , particularly bands that played Rock Music.

EV- What comes to you on future projects ?

JM- Now my focus is that the band can release few more singles before launching the Album mid-2022, we also looking to launch videos for some songs of the album deconstruction as well as Wireless.

EV- Who is the person behind the musician?

JM- The person behind the musician is a person trying to improve himself on daily basis, with high moral ground, a father a husband and a son of a extraordinary woman that has always instilled good life values to her kids.

EV- By maintaining the same music concept what are you trying to achieve ?

JM- Music is a evolving element of my life, and without it, it would be a nightmare for me to exist in a such a world full of inequalities injustices, where our basic fundamental rights are constantly violated by the powers that be. For me doing music is speaking on the behalf of the voiceless voices around the universe

EV- You wrote the song entitled Medication.What is the story behind it?

JM- One of the songs that I wrote and which of course had a input from the band and that is a true reflection of the world we leaving in is Medication.

The creative process of composing Medication had to do with a critic towards the deplorable conditions that the world is going through, the wars, the manipulation that the countries less developed have to endure from the so called first world countries. While we were composing the song the world was hit by Covid-19 and as a result of the manner that government’s acted forcefully impose their way which we believe that it could have been done in a different manner led us to bring all this issues to the world. For us medication means that the world needs to follow a new path for freedom and justice, equality and justice

EV- I do look to your face and I see this big smile . What are you celebrating tonight?

JM-My big smile is my appreciation of being alive, being able to do what I love most, which is to sing, perform, and the ecstasy of sharing life with people that appreciate my art. Pura Vida

EV-How was for you to produce this album and who is featuring ?

JM-Producing Dekonstraction which was the first ever experience I had was a mile stone for all the band members. Throughout the years, from my late teens i had a intense period composing various songs and experiencing various techniques in how to use my voice in coordination playing bass guitar and of course listening to various bands that I fancy, and that allowed me to somehow improve my skills as well as to identify my limitations . So being part of the production of Dekonstruction and now wireless was liberating.

EV-How do you see the Mozambican rock music today ?

JM-In Mozambique it’s hard to make music, it’s a very expensive exercise and unfortunately the government of the day don’t give a rat’s ass about the musicians. The lack of a solid infrastructure that supports the musicians, the young musicians, it does not allow the country to explore the true talents that the country possesses, having said that I would like to mention that there is a great studio in Inhambane STUDIO BOM DIA that is doing a great job with artist that want to record their Music and that also assists young musicians to do so, and Onda way had a great experience in both occasions .

The future for Rock music in Mozambique is doom and gloom because we have no support from any entity including the business people that rather invest in bubble gum music. It’s sad and revolting because we have a lot of followers of Rock Music in the country as well as great Bands

We will continue with our journey as a band and individually we have projects that certainly all the Rock Music lovers will be able to enjoy.



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