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Two arrested over attack on Police station – AIM report

The Mozambican police have arrested two individuals suspected of involvement in an armed attack early on Saturday morning against a police station in the administrative post of Capirizanje, in Moatize district, in the central Mozambican province of Tete.

The attackers, who did not steal anything, just opened fire leaving the walls of the premises riddled with bullets, causing fear and panic among the nearby communities as they suddenly heard the shooting.

Though there were no victims, police spokesperson, Deolinda Matsinhe, said two individuals are now under police custody while investigations continue to find out the motivations behind the incident.

“We can assure you that they are not terrorists”, she said, “but just some opportunists who staged the attack.”

The Moatize district administrator, Maria Torcida, said the situation in Capirizanje is now back to normal and the residents are moving freely in their routine activities. Road traffic is also moving smoothly and the authorities claim that everything is under control.

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Capirizanje became infamous in November 2016, when mass theft of fuel from a tanker went very wrong, leading to an enormous explosion in which 104 people died.

Source: AIM / Miramar

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