The end-Swazis reject King’s dialogue , truck carry 2 people to the King

Swati Newsweek, 16 July 2021

By Eugene Dube

LOBAMBA - The Swazi nation has boycotted a national meeting (Sibaya) organised by King Mswati III at his Ludzidzini Palace today.

The meeting was supposed to start at 10am today.

However truck drivers are going back to the king to report the sad news.

Pictures of trucks transporting two people to the King’s Palace at Ludzidzini are circulating on social media.

A bus Zulu Khayalami was seen carrying six or more people.

Many trucks are empty.

The trucks were sent by the king to the communities all over Eswatini to take the people to his Palace.

To everyone's surprise, a majority of Swazis rejected the king's order.

King Mswati III allegedly allowed his soldiers and police officers to kill over 70 Swazi democracy activists.

He had organised a national dialogue today. However people boycotted his event.

Thousands of people are now calling for a multiparty democracy system.

The king rules the country with his family and associates.

Swazis have organised a pro- democracy march in Manzini.

The protest continues today.

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