Terrorists destroyed 45 Cabo Delgado schools – AIM report

The terrorist raids in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado have destroyed 45 schools, and four offices of district education services, Education Minister Carmelita Namashalua told the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday.

Speaking during a question and answer session between the government and the deputies, Namashulua said that the islamist terrorists have murdered six teachers, and displaced 1,125 others, who have been forced to flee from the areas where they used to live and work.

The Education Ministry says that 74,149 pupils have been forced out of Cabo Delgado schools, and are now among about half a million people displaced by the conflict.

“Terrorism is putting pressure on education infrastructure and services”, said Namashulua. The education services in the areas that are now hosting the inflow of displaced people have been told to include in the local schools the children who have fled from the terrorists.

She said that the activities of the self-styled “Renamo Military Junta” have disrupted education in the central province of Manica. The attacks by the Junta have displaced 3,086 pupils and 131 teachers in Manica.

Some 600 of these pupils are currently living in temporary accommodation centres, while the others are living in the homes of relatives.

Justice Minister Helena Kida told the Assembly that two police instructors have been expelled from the force because they obliged women trainees from the Matalana police school in Maputo province to have sex with them.

She said this decision was taken after an investigation into the scandal which shocked Mozambican society when it became public in August. It was initially claimed that 15 trainees had been impregnated by their instructors, although the numbers were a matter of considerable dispute.

The Ministry of the Interior wanted to manage the matter internally, but the matter became public when a dispatch on the matter from the office of police general commander Bernadino Rafael was leaked.

President Filipe Nyusi declared “the State must not tolerate situations like this”, and promised a full investigation.

Kida told the Assembly that the outcome of the investigation was that “the instructors who became involved with the trainees and made them pregnant, were the object of disciplinary proceedings and have been expelled from the police force”.

She also told the deputies that the police have been investigating 13 cases of kidnapping, four in Maputo, three in the neighbouring city of Matola, four in Beira, and two in Manica province. Four people have been detained in connection with some of these crimes, she said.

Source: AIM

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