Rwandan Journalist Exiled in Inhaca Maputo Goes Missing

The Mozambican police still on the dark about the Inhaca Island, Kidnapping Incident of the 37-yr-old Rwandan journalist, Ntamuhanga Cassien, who has gone missing after alleged officers of Mozambican police arrested him on 23 May in Inhaca, Maputo. Cassien was reportedly exiled on the island after he escaped from Rwandan prison in 2017.

Cassien was imprisoned on terrorism and murder charges in Rwanda although this was contested by human rights organizations. He claimed that he was a victim of political prosecution similar to other detractors of President Kagame. The Association of Rwandan Refugees in Mozambique expressed their concern about Cassien’s disappearance, and they have urged the Mozambican Government and other civil society to look into the cases of arbitrary detention of Rwandan citizens in Mozambique.

According to a MEDIAFAX newspaper a lawyers representing the interests of the Rwandan association has travelled to Inhaca Island over the past week and the contact established with the command of the 20 police station located in that municipal district received confirmation that the Rwandan citizen had actually been detained agents of the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) and sent to the city of Maputo. Command spokeswoman Leonel Machina said she was unaware of the case as well as SERNIC through its spokesman Hilario Lole was in the same pitch “SERNIC has no record of this case.” (Moz24h)

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