“Recaptured in jail” – suspect in Vilanculos murder

A defendant sought by authorities for four years for alleged involvement in the murder of a public prosecutor has been identified serving time in a jail in the centre of the country under another name.

The National Prison Service of Mozambique [SERNAP] announced on Monday that Abdul Afonso Tembe had been located in Manica Central Penitentiary serving a sentence of 12 years and two months in prison for qualified theft, criminal association and possession of weapons under the name of Lúcio António Ferreira.

“The National Penitentiary Service, in coordination with the other justice administration bodies, had been searching for this fugitive, culminating in confirmation that the defendant Lúcio António Ferreira is the same person as Abdul Afonso Tembe, allegedly involved in the murder of the public prosecutor Marcelino Vilanculos,” the note says.

Tembe escaped from jail in Maputo province on October 24, 2016, leaving investigative proceedings into the murder of Marcelino Vilanculos pending. He has now been transferred to Maputo province to face trial for his alleged involvement in the magistrate’s murder.

The magistrate, who had in hand criminal proceedings related to the wave of kidnappings in Mozambique’s main cities, was shot dead while driving to his Matola home, on the outskirts of Maputo, in April 2016.

Source: Lusa

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