Price of military support?

Missing Rwandan journalist

handed over to embassy

Rwandan journalist Ntamuhanga Cassien was detained on 23 May by a Mozambican police team accompanied by a Rwandan security official. Cassien was held at the 18th police station in Maputo city until 1 June, when he was handed over to the Rwandan embassy. There is no extradition agreement between Rwanda and Mozambique and Cassien has been in exile in Mozambique since 2017. The Mozambique government has confirmed has had been granted refugee status. Thus his detention of totally illegal.

Cassien’s abduction is believed to be in response to a request from the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, to President Filipe Nyusi, in exchange for support in the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado. (Mediafax, Evidencias, Canalmoz, Zitamar, O Pais)

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