Norway provided US$ 3.4 million) to the World Food Programme in Mozambique

The Government of Norway provided 30 million Norwegian Kroner

(approximately US$ 3.4 million) to the World Food Programme (WFP) in Mozambique to

support livelihoods and school meals programmes for internally displaced and host

communities affected by the ongoing violence in Northern Mozambique.

The US$ 3.4 million donated by Norway will allow WFP to support more than 13,000 children

with school feeding and 6,500 people through the provision of livelihoods opportunities, in

particular, youth and women in Cabo Delgado in a two-year project. WFP will work in close

collaboration with the Government and local authorities as well as partners such as UNICEF to implement the project. The aim of the project is that displaced people and affected host

communities have access to nutritious foods and to sustainable, nutrition-sensitive agriculture and market-based livelihoods opportunities.

“The generous donation of the people of Norway will help to alleviate the suffering of

Mozambican people due to the ongoing violence in the north.”, said the WFP Country Director a.i., Pierre Lucas. “This project will improve the food security and nutrition conditions of the most vulnerable people as well as it will help to improve or rebuild people’s livelihoods opportunities through sustainable agriculture initiatives”.

The Government of Norway a long-standing partner of WFP in Mozambique. Since 2019,

Norway donated US 7.5 million to WFP’s operations in the country.

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