Muidumbe District Desert Massacre Reports

By Estacio Valoi and Nazira Suleimane

12 children who were in the initiation rites in the Muidumbe district have been abducted by terrorists who have been in that district since October 31, 2020.

It remains unclear what exactly happened to these children, as some of the adults who were taking care of the children/teenager them were killed.

According to sources heard by Moz24h, from the 12 children captured, some of the managed to escape from the hands of the terrorists, but hours later they were found dead so that they could serve as an example for the others what could happen to them in case they tried to escape.

“ This was October 31.We were in the forest performing the initiation rites, we thought that the best thing to do was to hide, even so we were surprised, I had no choice but to run away, I believe we escaped only the 2 of us, because the others together with the children were captured at that moment. “Said the source.

“Then, some people told me that they heard that one of the children had managed to escape, but was captured hours later, and taken to where the other children were and killed them in cold blood in front of the others. The terrorists have been shouting at us saying they don't want anyone in Muidumbe, they said they want to make a base there in Muidumbe in one of the villages. ” The source added.

Some members, relatives of the children, believe that they are all already dead since terrorists attacks in general leaving any person alive.

Unlike the April attack where terrorists simply destroyed government homes, markets, and infrastructure, this time was different.

Mention that out of this attack the terrorists guarantee to be in Muidumbe for at least 20 days since October 31st.

The district of Muidumbe is empty at the moment ‘flies’, and without any military force to fight the terrorists.

This means that terrorists continue to attack and search the forests looking for people who are in hiding.

Still according to other sources who had to leave the district of Muidumbe yesterday morning via the district of Mueda to link to the district of Montepuez further south, the beheading incident of about 20 teenagers who were at the ceremony of the male initiation rite took place at Luanda Secondary School, in the village of Luanda, approximately three or four kilometres from the centre- headquarters of the district of Muidumbe.

“That was in the afternoon when the young people were in the initiation rite, they were beheaded there at Luanda Secondary School. They are mostly teenagers aged between 8, 15 years. Others managed to escape. There are also students from the School who disappear; it is not known where they are. “Other sources said

Another source makes reference to another incident. "In Ntchinda, children also died." Like the Mocímboa da Praia district, Muidumbe was also taken over. All the villages were attacked; the last one near Mueda was attacked yesterday at 11am. There is no one there, the population has left the area, there are no soldiers, and this is in the hands of the 'terrorists.'

Terrorists still make it impossible to cross the only alternative route between South and North Cabo Delgado through the district of Montepuez, Nangade, Pundanhar and Palma, as well as with the connection to the district of Mueda, after the seizure of the district of Mocímboa da Praia. Via Awasse - Mocímboa da Praia nothing and no one goes through that route.

A sequence of attacks held by the terrorist group 'Alshabaab' over the village of Mocímboa da Praia culminated in the total seizure of this.

Since October 5, 2017, almost three years ago, it has caused more than 2,500 deaths so far, among others, among civilians and military, about 420,000 displaced people and the destruction of various infrastructures.

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