Mozambique: Tropical storm Ana kills 2, injures 49 – preliminary official tally | Watch

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Tropical storm Ana has claimed two lives and injured 49 in Mozambique, the country’s National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD) has said, in a preliminary assessment of the impact of the storm.

A mother and her daughter were swept to their deaths by the rising waters of the River Licungo in Mocuba, Zambezia province, in the area where the torrential rain that has been falling since Sunday has caused the most damage.

In the same district, at least 34 houses have been destroyed and 50 families left homeless.

Several roads are under water and two bridges have been destroyed between Mocuba and Lugela, according to the authorities.

The INGD on Monday announced the deployment of a boat with a rescue team to the area to search for people who have been isolated by the rising rivers, whose flow continues to increase.

Further north, on the coast of Nampula province, where the tropical storm came ashore, houses and infrastructure have been destroyed and roads are impassable.

Oikos, a Portuguese non-governmental organisation with operations in Nampula, reported five schools and 12 classrooms destroyed, with damage affecting 1,338 children.

“Oikos has been working on the construction of classrooms for 15,000 pupils and at this moment the impacts on the new schools and works are still uncertain,” it said in a statement.

Although the storm is tending to dissipate on land, strong winds and torrential rain are still forecast for northern and central Mozambique.

“Strong winds will continue to blow during the night and tomorrow morning [Tuesday] on the Mozambican coast” between Angoche and the city of Beira, reported France’s weather centre on Réunion island, which specialises in monitoring storms. “The heavy rains, which are likely to cause flash floods, landslides and flooding, are moving inland and will affect Mozambique and southern Malawi in the next 24 hours, then move on to northern Zimbabwe and southern Zambia from Wednesday.”

In the current storm season, not counting the impact of storm Ana, at least 14 people have died and another 53,269 have been affected by natural disasters, according to the latest INGD report.

Source: Lusa / TVM


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