Mozambique: State to transfer cyclone-hit historic island residents to mainland

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The Mozambican government will transfer about 3,000 people living on the historic Ilha de Moçambique to the mainland, as part of the reconstruction plan for the island, affected in March by Cyclone Gombe.

This is a group of people living in the Macuti neighbourhood and in conditions described as vulnerable, according to Momade Amisse Ali, administrator of the Mozambique Island district, cited on Monday by daily newspaper Notícias.

“A survey was carried out by the authorities and it was found that there are households with more than 15 people sharing the same space, and most of these do not have spaces to build latrines and end up resorting to the beaches,” reads the daily Notícias, citing Momade Ali.

The source said that the space that will shelter these people on the mainland has already been chosen, as part of the reconstruction plan designed by the government after the passage of Gombe.

Cyclone Gombe, which hit central and northern Mozambique in March, killed over 60 people and totally or partially destroyed 95,500 homes, as well as damaging 69 hospital units, 129 roads and 2,748 power lines.

Gombe hit Mozambique three years after cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit the central and northern regions of the country in what was one of the heaviest rainy seasons in living memory.

Ilha de Moçambique, in Nampula province, was Mozambique’s first capital, and several historical monuments such as the Fortress of São Sebastião still stand.

In 1991, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) considered Ilha de Moçambique a World Heritage Site.

Image: MMO

Source: Lusa

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