Mozambique: Nyusi pledges continued specialisation of armed forces

Photo: Domingo

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Saturday pledged that his government will continue its programmes to specialize and professionalise the armed forces.

He was speaking in the northern port city of Nacala at the end of a training course for special forces.

“Due to the ever more diverse nature of the threats against the peace, stability and sovereignty of our country, the government has invested in specialist training and state-of-the-art equipment in order to raise qualitatively the operational capacity of our forces”, he said. “We are encouraging our national defence sector to continue training programmes so that the troops are in line with the current challenges”.

At the parade where the “red beret” of the Nacala Training School was granted to the trainees, Nyusi said this was the culmination of a long and necessary revitalization of the Mozambican forces to endow them with skills and effectiveness in the defence of the country.

His presence at the ceremony “shows the importance we give to the training of the FADM (Mozambican Armed Forces)”, he said.

The national security scenario, warned Nyusi, “is ever more challenging, and demands from the government and from all Mozambicans a posture of solidarity, hard work and vigilance, which is expressed in permanent readiness”.

“This level of readiness to face the threats to the integrity of our state necessarily involves high quality training of Mozambicans who are convinced of their duty to the motherland”, he added. The training of the special forces “is intended to ensure that the FADM are technically and professionally prepared for their full performance in various contexts of national defence, and to respond effectively to the threats imposed by the current security conjuncture”.

Nyusi praised the love for the nation shown by the young Mozambicans who have volunteered for a defence career, particularly as new members of the elite forces.

Because “the enemy knows no borders”, Nysi recommended that the new recruits cultivate healthy relations with the armed forces of friendly nations who are fighting side by side with the FADM in battling the scourge of terrorism.

“You should be men of honour”, he urged. “At no time should you allow your loyalty to the country and the Mozambican people to be called into question”.

The troops should behave in such a way as to continue to deserve the trust of the public. They must always collaborate with the communities “thus strengthening the relations between civilians and soldiers. The defence of the country and of the Mozambican people should be your only motivation”, he stressed. Source: AIM

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