Mozambique: Norway defends more primary school investment

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The Norwegian ambassador in Mozambique, Haakon Johannessen, has defended the need for more investments in primary education to fully strengthen democracy and create future leaders in the African country.

The Norwegian ambassador to Mozambique, Haakon Johannessen, said in Messica, in the central province of Manica, that “investing in primary education is creating conditions for future leaders, who can exercise democracy”.

The Norwegian ambassador was speaking on Thursday during a ceremony to hand over 12,960 bags with a kit of basic school materials to an equal number of disadvantaged children and 2,145 double desks that will benefit 10,600 pupils in four districts of Manica.

The diplomat said that Mozambique still faces many challenges in access to primary education, with almost two million children out of school and a dropout rate of a third of children, due to factors such as poverty.

In this sense, he continued, “poverty alleviation” is fundamental for the inclusion and retention of more children in education.

“Our programme in Manica is a flagship for promoting and protecting children’s rights”, stressed Haakon Johannessen, alluding to the NORAD project implemented by Save the Children.

With the project, he continued, Norway is “contributing to change the life of individuals,” defending the allocation of adequate resources to strengthen the education system.

The NORAD project directly benefits some 88,600 children and 5,820 adults. It aims to ensure that girls and boys from low-income families study and develop their skills in a safe environment, according to Brechtje Vanlith, Save The Children’s country director.

“We want children to be involved, educated, cared for and protected”, and above all that “they can express their opinion”, stressed Brechtje Vanlith.

The official acknowledged that Mozambique still needs massive investments so that all children enjoy the right to education.d affordable accommodation in sought-after destinations.

Source: Lusa

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