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The Mozambican Minister of Justice, Helena Kida, has challenged the media to reinvent itself to combat disinformation in the context of war, as well as climate change and globalization.

She was speaking on Monday at the opening ceremony of the “Media Forum”, a one-day event taking place in Maputo under the slogan: “For a Dynamic Media in the Context of Social and Technological Transformations”.

“The impacts of war, climate change and globalization are seen in all sectors and spheres of the Mozambican community. Therefore, we are all called upon to redouble our efforts and constantly reinvent ourselves in order to meet these challenges”, the minister said.

According to Kida, the media has a preponderant role in the process of governance and promotion of social justice, as well as contributing to institutional democratization.

For Kida, it is urgent that the media adopt new strategic approaches to respond to the new dynamics that are stimulated by the new communication and information technologies. She also challenged journalists to be persistent “in researching and preserving ethical and cultural values.

For his part, the Chairperson of the regulatory body, the Higher Mass Media Council (CSCS), Rogério Sitoe, said that there is a need to reflect on the material and financial implications imposed by digital migration, with greater emphasis on broadcasting.

“There is a consensus of the respective operators that the high taxes imposed on the import of equipment may become a hindrance to the qualitative development of the sector”, he said.

The Government, Sitoe added, should promote dialogue, as well as mechanisms “that contribute to generate a greater diversity of media.”

The strengthening of the fundamental rights of freedom of expression is crucial for the current review of the 1991 Press Law by the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, declared veteran journalist Tomas Vieira Mario, who is currently Executive Director of Sekelekani, a Non-Governmental Organization focused on Communication for Development.

“We hope that there will be reinforcement of the fundamental rights of press freedom for the Revision of the Press Law”, Vieira Mario said, adding that the separation of powers is fundamental for press freedom in Mozambique.

Source: AIM

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