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Mozambique: Limpopo National Park has had zero cases of commercial poaching in one year

Image: Peace Parks Foundation

Though it has suffered some minor ‘subsistence’ poaching, Limpopo National Park has registered zero cases of ‘commercial’ poaching since 2020.

Park administrator Francisco Augusto Pariela said that the reduction in the number of cases of poaching was the result of reforms of the management and monitoring sectors introduced by the administration.

Since the beginning of 2020, Panela said, the Limpopo National Park authorities had registered only six cases of subsistence poaching. In fact, rangers had detained a young man in possession of game meat only a few days ago.

Panela told the press that the animal population had grown in recent years, and the park now had more than 800 elephants, 1,500 buffalo and several zebras and giraffes.

However, as in other regions of the country, the Gaza conservation area faces the challenge of conflict between residents and wild animals, with hyenas and lions having devoured 199 head of cattle already this year.

Panela said that the resettlement of people living in the park was ongoing, with 225 families, comprising more than 1,300 individuals, scheduled to be resettled by the end of June.

By Omardine Omar

Source: Carta de Moçambique

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