Mozambique joins Kimberley Process

Photo: O País

Mozambique has finally achieved its long-awaited admission to the Kimberley Process, and can now benefit from its territory-wide diamond wealth, O País reported on Friday (November 12)

Studies carried out in the 1990s indicate that diamonds occur in Gaza province, in the south of the country, in Manica, Sofala and Tete, in the centre, and in Niassa, in the north.

Mozambique’s admission to the Kimberley Process comes after rejection in 2016 , followed by several years of work. Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Max Tonela, says that the fruits of this admission must be built on as of now.

“We are going to re-enable a series of projects that were previously at a standstill,” Minister Tonela said just minutes after the decision was announced.

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Source: O País

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