Mozambique: EDM calls for urgent intervention in substations – AIM report

Mozambique’s publicly owned electricity company, EDM, has called for urgent intervention in at least 12 of the 37 electrical substations ensuring energy supply to the southern provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane, to prevent overloading the equipment, according to a report in Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.

An assessment recently conducted by the company has also concluded that six high voltage transmission lines have reached the limit of their capacity. Intervention in the sub-stations and transmission lines is needed to avoid early ageing or even a collapse.

However, EDM believes the number of substations at the limit of their capacity in the south will soon be reduced to just four.

In the country’s central region, EDM has no reports of overloading at the 32 existing substations, five of which are under private ownership, although the Matambo-Tete, and Dondo-Muhava power lines, in Tete and Sofala provinces respectively, are reaching the limits of their capacity .

However, in the context of the target to achieve universal access to electricity, the company hopes to connect about 362,000 new consumers in the central region in 2012, a move that might lead to overloading in eight substations.

EDM says that successful implementation of power grid strengthening projects will help improve the situation, but challenges will remain at two substations in Chimoio and one at Munhava in Beira.

For the country’s northern provinces (Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula), the company plans to connect 250,000 new consumers, within the next two years, a move that will increase the current demand for power and thus lead to overloading of seven substations.

Even with projects in the region to strengthen the power grid, there will still be a need to increase the capacity of power lines, in order to prevent power restrictions and ensure quality electricity supply to Nampula city as well as the port of Nacala and the districts of Monapo, Mozambique Island and Mussoril.

Source: AIM

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