Mozambique: Country dumps over 12.5M tons of plastic waste into sea annually – minister

Photo: ProAzull

Over 12.5 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the sea annually in Mozambique, a problem that the authorities want to combat, the Minister for the Sea and Fisheries said on Monday.

According to Augusta Maita, the amount of rubbish dumped in the sea worries the authorities.

“We are currently drawing up the national plan to combat marine waste,” she said during a seminar on the development of the blue economy in Maputo yesterday.

For Augusta Maita, among the solutions that should receive the attention of the Mozambican executive are recycling programmes.

According to the government, the studies being carried out are important for identifying “the biggest problems and pointing out rapid impact actions to reverse the scenario.

In November of last year, the Mozambican executive created the fund for the development of the blue economy (ProAzul), a mechanism that, among other objectives, will serve to provide technical support to the government in the protection and sustainable exploitation of the sea.

Mozambique has a coastline of some 2,700 kilometres.

Source: Lusa

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