Mozambique: Council of Ministers approves concession of land in Palma district, Cabo Delgado

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The council of ministers approved this Tuesday the concession of 12,000 hectares of land to the Cabo Delgado Economic Development Promotion Centre, Rádio Moçambique reports. The land will be used for the socio-economic and integrated development of the province, adds the same source.

This is an area of land located in the district of Palma, which is intended to be used for the management of strategic development programs.

The spokesperson for the Council of Ministers Filimão Suazi explained the reasons for the intervention of the Council of Ministers in granting this license to this entity.

O País reports that “the Executive authorized, on a provisional basis, the application for a Land Use and Benefit (DUAT) title, requested by the Cabo Delgado Economic Development Promotion Centre, in an area of 12,000 hectares in Palma.

“As in any other part of the country, DUAT [land use]concessions depend heavily on the size of land required. In this case, the size of about 12 thousand hectares is more up to the Council of Ministers, so the decision was not taken either at the Municipal, District or Province level”, said Suazi, cited by O país, later explaining that, naturally, the entity to whom the 12,000 hectares of land were granted, aims to develop the province of Cabo Delgado and rebuild it after it was destroyed by terrorist attacks.

“Naturally, the investment projects in Cabo Delgado, all ultimately aim at the reconstruction or recovery of the economy or the empowerment of the populations so that it has this perspective of development of the province.” Suazi said cited by O País.

Still in its 16th ordinary session, the council of ministers approved the regulation for the operationalization of the platform for the dissemination and communication of information on early warning of floods and cyclones.

The executive also approved the resolution that elevates to the category of town the district seats of Malulu and Maua, in Niassa, of Chitima Manje and Luenha in Tete province, of Ile, Nicoadala and Mopeia in Zambézia province, of Sussundenga in Manica province, of Maringue and Machanga. in Sofala, of Macuine and Mabote in Inhambane, of Mapai and Massingir in Gaza province,

The administrative posts of Kalio in Tete, Chongoene in Gaza and Matola Rio in Maputo province were also elevated to the category of town.

The headquarters of Ponta do Ouro in Maputo province also moved up to the category of town.

Conselho de Ministros aprova concessão de terras para promoção do desenvolvimento em Cabo Delgado

O conselho de ministros aprovou esta terça-feira, a concessão de doze mil hectares de terra ao centro de promoção do desenvolvimento económico de Cabo Delgado que serão usados, para o desenvolvimento socioeconómico e integrado da província.

Trata se de uma área localizada no distrito de Palma, que se pretende que seja usada para gestão de programas estratégicos de desenvolvimento.

O porta-voz do conselho de ministros Filimão Suazi, explicou as razões de intervancao do conselho de ministros na atribuicxaon desta licença a esta entidade

Ainda na décima sexta sessão ordinária, o conselho de ministros aprovou o regulamento de operacionalização da plataforma de disseminação e comunicação de informação de aviso prévio de cheias e ciclones

O executivo aprovou ainda a resolução que eleva a categoria de vila as sedes de distritos de Malulu e Maua, no Niassa, de Chitima Manje e Luenha em Tete, de Ile, Nicoadala e Mopeia na Zambézia, de Sussundenga em Manica, de Maringue e Machanga em Sofala, de Macuine e Mabote em Inhambane, de Mapai e Massingir na província de Gaza,

Foram ainda elevadas a categoria de vila as sedes dos postos administrativos de Kalio em Tete , de Chongoene em Gaza e de Matola Rio na província de Maputo.

Passou também a categoria de vila a sede da localidade ponta de Ouro na província de Maputo. (RM)

Source: Radio Moçambique / O País

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