Mozambique: Construction of US$32m solar farm begins in Cuamba, Niassa

FILE - Illustrative photo. The Cuamba Solar PV site is located in Northern Mozambique, 550km from the Port of Ncala, less than 3km from the town of Cuamba, in Niassa Province. Globeleq and Source Capital are leading the development activity in partnership with Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM). [Photo credit. The Electricity Hub]

Mozambique’s minister of mineral resources and energy, Max Tonela, will lay the foundation stone for constructing a solar power plant in Cuamba, northern Mozambique, this Thursday, a government source told Lusa.

The infrastructure in Niassa province, in the northern interior of the country, will have a capacity of 15 megawatts, is budgeted at US$32 million (€26.2 million) and will inject electricity into the national grid.

The project is the result of funding from the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, an international financial institution.

“The construction of the Cuamba solar power plant is another step to strengthen electricity production from renewable sources,” the source said.

The plant will be the third “large-scale” projected in the country (i.e. with the capacity to produce a minimum of 15 megawatts from solar sources), after an infrastructure that generates 40 megawatts in Mocuba, in the province of Zambezia, central region, and the laying of the first stone in the district of Metoro, in the province of Cabo Delgado, north of the country, in August 2020.

“These initiatives reflect the seriousness of the Mozambican government’s commitment to clean energy,” added the ame source.

On the other hand, the projects promoted by the Mozambican government in the area of renewable energy are another contribution to achieving the goal of universal access to energy, which aims to bring electricity to all Mozambican homes by 2030, he concluded.

Work on the Cuamba solar power plant will last 12 months and create 100 jobs during construction and ten in the operating phase.

The structure will be operated by Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) and international companies Globeleq and Source Capital.

Source: Lusa

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