Mozambique: Biodiversity billboards’ campaign kicks off – photos

A national initiative for the installation of billboards extolling biodiversity conservation and fostering nature-based tourism was launched in Maputo province on Monday, hosted by Ressano Garcia administrative post.

Seventy double-sided panels will be erected countrywide over the current five-year plan period, each costing 500,000 meticais, in an operation amounting to a total figure of 37.5 million meticais.

Minister of Land and Environment Ivete Maimbasse said at the event in Moamba that, in addition to spreading a message of environmental education and combating poaching and trafficking in wildlife products, the panels would promote wildlife and natural landscapes.

“Today, we had the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the double-sided billboard, marking the start of the national initiative promoting biodiversity conservation and nature-based tourism,” the minister explained.

“These panels are vehicles of communication and mechanisms of social mobilization towards a greater individual and collective environmental awareness and for the massification of knowledge about the importance of changing behaviours in relation to the way we look at the biological resources that the country has,” Maimbasse said.

The billboards are also to be erected in the KaTembe municipal district, and in some parts of Maputo, such as the ATCM track.

A communication strategy for the conservation of biodiversity was also launched at the Ressano Garcia event, as an instrument for the sustainability of the country’s wildlife and forest resources.

Mateus Mutemba, director-general of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), said that the strategy aims to contribute to the awareness of various actors dealing with biodiversity in Mozambique.

“The strategy establishes an audience segmentation of target groups, dividing into groups, namely an internal audience, which is composed of a team from the Ministry of Land and Environment, in general, managers of the conservation areas, employees, management partners from the conservation areas and partners directly involved in the planning and implementation of programs for the protection, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, constituting all the actors in the implementation of the communication strategy for the conservation of biodiversity,” Mutemba explained.

Cooperation partners such as USAID and the UNDP have promised support for strengthening nature conservation, with ANAC signing, at the same event, a memorandum of understanding with the National Tourism Institute (INATUR), the National Road Administration (ANE) and Ídolo Magazine for the installation of more panels and the promotion of the country’s biodiversity tourist potential.

By Amandio Borges

Source: O País

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