Montepuez: Opportunism leaves displaced people without humanitarian aid

Foto: Estacio Valoi

Some of the survivors of terrorist attacks resettled in Montepuez district, in the south of Cabo Delgado province, are not receiving support because of the opportunism of other IDPs who are hoarding products donated by the Government and humanitarian organizations.

The situation is considered critical because it is hindering the district government’s efforts to manage the hundreds of families fleeing insecurity every day.

“Displaced families register in different villages. The family registers, the mother registers , the son registers, the father registers; they end up being several households in one,” Isaura Máquina, administrator of the District of Montepuez, complains.

Máquina is taking measures to ensure that families are not harmed by such opportunism.

“If we find people with the kits that we distribute in the resettlement centres for the city, we pull them out and deliver them to whoever needs them, because that person is not a person from that village, but from another one,” she explains.

Máquina also reveals that opportunists are purporting to sell land and vouchers for humanitarian aid, and is taking measures against these activities, too.

“There have been some sporadic cases of land sales and sale of humanitarian aid vouchers for the displaced, but we have taken steps to discourage this activity, which reveals a lack of patriotism and solidarity, particularly in a dramatic situation like this,” Máquina says, without specifying the identities of the perpetrators or the measures taken.

Montepuez currently hosts an estimated 50,000 IDPs, and, since the terrorist attack on the town of Palma on March 24, has been receiving dozens of families every day, who need all kinds of help, including shelter and food.

By Hizidine Acha

Source: O País

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