MISA-Mozambique creates cyber security and digital rights reference group

MISA-Mozambique established this Tuesday in Maputo a reference group for the area of cyber security and Digital Rights, with the purpose of contributing to the creation of a legal framework for cyber security closer to the highest international standards, for the benefit of the citizens.

This initiative is part of the project to promote a secure and consistent legal framework in the context of cyberspace in Mozambique which, among other purposes, aims to review and consolidate, with the Government, the legal framework in cyber security, to meet the challenges arising from the development of Information and Communication Technologies - ICT's, such as cyber-crime, security and defense of digital rights.

"Our aim is to contribute to the development of legislation that protects the various interests of society, that guarantees people's freedoms, the use of the Internet as a tool for seeking knowledge and communication. Therefore, a legislation that does not jeopardize the progress already achieved by other legislation that has already been approved in Mozambique, such as the Law on the Right to Information," said the President of MISA-Mozambique, Fernando Gonçalves, Tuesday in Maputo, in the first of several meetings to be held.

This is part of a series of initiatives undertaken by MISA-Mozambique in recent years to reform the legal framework relating to the exercise of press freedom, expression and the right to information. (Moz24h)

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