King's bus petrol bombed !

Swati Newsweek, 04 July, 2021

By Eugene Dube

LOBAMBA - A bus belonging to King Mswati III was set alight during last week's polical unrest.

On 29 June, 2021 a King's Office bus was allegedly burnt down by unknown person/s.

The bus was parked at Weigh Bridge at Esibayeni along with a Toyota Quantum belonging to Eswatini Television and a Toyota Hilux single cab bakkie registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

A picture of the burnt bus has emerged in social media platforms.

Another Horse and Trailer truck belonging to Southern Star was torched.

On Tuesday evening a truck belonging to Eswatini Police Service was tortured at Logoba.

Hundreds of cars worth over E3.5 million have been burnt during the protests.

Swazis are rising against the repressive Swazi Monarchy.

They want to elect an independent democratic government that will pursue their interests.

Police confirmed the burnt cars.

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