Judo Mozambique: Five seek Olympics qualification in Dakar, Senegal

Image: Federação Moçambicana de Judo - Página Oficial

From this Thursday, Mozambique will be competing in the African Judo Championships in Dakar, Senegal, a tournament in which the winning athletes will qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The Mozambican judokas are Kevin Loforte, who will compete in the -66kg category, Ayton Siquir and Narciso Matos, both in the -73kg category, plus Jennie Muneme in the -48kg category and Jacira Ferreira in the -52kg.

The five judo athletes are looking to ensure a place in the final stage of the Olympic Games.

Mozambique already has five athletes qualified for the Olympics – three in sailing and two in boxing.

Last week, the five judokas and their coaches said goodbye to the Secretary of State for Sports, Carlos Gilberto Mendes, saying they would do everything possible to achieve their objectives.

The five Mozambican judokas will start fighting this Thursday in a tournament bringing together 200 athletes from 37 African countries.

In his qualifying match, Kevin Loforte reached third place at the Dakar African Open last year, and needs another podium place to ensure his presence at the world’s biggest sporting event.

Ayton Siquir, with 375 points 101st in the world judo ranking, came seventh in the senior African tournament, after finishing in fifth position in the Dakar Open.

In turn, Narciso Matos enters this competition as an outsider, having only three points in the world ranking and in 497th position.

Among the women, Jennie Muneme finished her participation in the African Championship last year in fifth place, while her compatriot, Jacira Ferreira, placed third in her last outing – the 2020 Dakar African Open in Senegal.

By Elísio Uamusse

Source: O País

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