Jeremias Langa is the new president of MISA-Mozambique

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Jeremias Langa is the new president of the Mozambican chapter of the regional press freedom association, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Mozambique).

Sworn in this Tuesday, Jeremias Langa replaces Fernando Gonçalves as leader of MISA Mozambique, and promises to continue reviving the organisation and promoting a legislative framework more favourable to media sustainability.

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“We want to continue the recovery process, and make MISA one of the valid interlocutors for the various stakeholders in the media area. We want to work hard to promote the various freedoms, such as freedom of the press and freedom of expression for citizens,” Langa revealed.

At a time when the process of legislative reforms is underway with the proposed Social Communication Law and the Broadcasting Law, a process in which MISA-Mozambique has always been actively involved, Langa pointed out that MISA wants “to continue promoting a favourable legislative framework, so that the media business is sustainable”.

Outgoing president Fernando Gonçalves said that the new leadership was challenged to continue with the efforts undertaken and project the organisation in the process of improving and guaranteeing freedom of expression and the press “and, now, on issues of digital rights” .

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Worrying decline in media freedom in Southern Africa – MISA

The new president’s candidate list names Fátima Mimbire as first vice-president, Sitoe Lutxeque as second vice-president, and Francisco Carmona and Olívia Massango as members of the board.

Source: O País

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