'Insurgency not as weakened as claimed'

President Nyusi visiting the EU in Brussels and at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa stressed that Rwandan and SADC forces are making significant inroads into beating the insurgents. But Rhula Weekly (2-9 Feb) said that the insurgency is not as weakened as claimed. Undoubtedly Rwandan forces have been successful in securing Palma and Mocimboa da Praia districts, but there have been daily attacks so far this month, mainly in Macomia, Quissanga and Nangade districts - as well as attacks in Meluco and Ibo districts in late January.

There is increasing use of roadside ambushes. Main attacks have been on or near the N380, the only paved road, and the insurgents may be attempting to close it. This is a SAMIN (SADC) zone and Rwandans are not present. A joint SAMIM-Mozambique patrol was ambushed near Nova Zambezia, Macomia, with one Mozambican solider killed and five attackers killed. Insurgents killed at least six men and abducted 10 women in four ambushes on the N380 main road south of Macomia town. Trucks carrying construction material to repair a bridge were attacked and one driver killed. (Rhula Weekly, Lusa, Zitamar, MediaFax, Africa News, Cabo Ligado)


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