Historic case: No corpse but Chinese convicted for killing businessman Oliveira

Swati Newsweek, 01June, 2021

By Eugene Dube

MBABANE: Even though no corpse was found, a Chinese national Qing Ming has been found guilty of killing Matsapha business tycoon Almor Oliveira.

Oliveira's corpse has not been found.

Police claimed that Ming's pistol was found with bloodstains matching the blood of Oliveira.

Ming is represented by powerful South African lawyer, Barry Roux, who was instructed by Noncedo Ndlangamandla of Mabila attorneys.

High Court Judge John Magagula found Ming guilty of kidnapping and attempting to extort from the Oliveira family a sum of E5 million on April 16, 2017.

Judge Magagula revealed incidents which link Ming to Oliveira's murder.

The crown revealed in court that Ming's car, a BMW sedan, was used in the commission of the crime.

Ming's cellphone was used in an attempt to extort E5 million from Oliveira's wife.

Oliveira's wife Audilia recieved two messages.

One of messages allegedly sent by Ming to Oliveira's wife reads, "If you want ur husband to come back, you have to work with us. U must know if we can't get the money ur husband never come back to you. When will you be ready for five million rand and bring it to S.A, I will tell you where about."

Judge Magagula said, "Firstly, it is clear from the evidence in its entirety and the accused himself admits that his car was used in commiting the offences. Further, his motor was not stolen or forcefully taken from him. He voluntarily parted ways with it and gave it to people he is now identifying as the culprits.

"This in itself is an indication that the accused was involved in the commission of the offences. A car was a major tool for the commission of the offence and the accused provided it," said the judge.

"The accused (Ming) was probably the Mastermind of the whole incident," said Judge Magagula.

Detective Superintendent Derrick Makhanya said after Oliveira's dissappearance, the late businessman's cellphone was found at Dwaleni near the Army headquarters.

The judge will make a ruling on this case on 07 July 2021.

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