Swati Newsweek, 27 April 2022

By Nokwanda Dvuba

KALANGA – A 20-year old young lady from Kalanga in Eswatini is willing to know where she is originally from since she has not met her family ever since she was born.

Nonsikelelo has been using a DuPont surname. She currently stays at Vuvulane is willing to know her real family since her father died in 2001 where he was hosting a party and he got poisoned, and by that time Nonsikelelo was still a baby.

Her father was known as Julius Diekmann originally from Mozambique but was working at Mhlume as an engineer. It is believed that Julius Dieckmann was a Portuguese from Mozambique.

“I'm Nontsikelelo Nobuhle but I'm looking for Dieckmann family which I believe will welcome me and embrace me as their daughter. ”said Nonsikelelo talking to Swati Newsweek online.

“My original surname is Diekmann but I am currently using DuPont, I heard that my family is originally from Mozambique but since my mother died when I was in grade 1 she could not tell me where my home is” said Nonsikelelo. She also said some years back one of her sisters came to ask to take her home but her grandfather refused since the Diekmann family had not paid “inhlawulo” to her grandparents and that was when she last heard about her family.

Nonsikelelo said she only want to know where she is originally from, she want to bond with her family as using a surname that is not yours might cause back luck to your life. “When I was in grade 1, I was so brilliant but as I continued my grades just dropped drastically, I think maybe if I can get know my origin, I can see difference in my life. ” said Nonsikelelo.

“I’m willing to know them and my life could change, the day I will meet with all this shame and burden I have carried for so long I believe will be no more and it felt so painful in class hearing others chatting about their families I felt carried away and used to tell myself that I’m not normal.”said Nonsikelelo.

Nontsikelelo's both parents died. Ntsiki's mother Nomsa Ndzimandze died in 2009.

Anyone who might know her family or have any information about her father’s relatives can contact Journalist on +268 76051930.


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