Advocacy training for community radios in Nampula helps marginalized groups

NACALA, 3 September 2020 – During the month of August, the h2n team trained seven community radio partner stations in Nampula on approaches, methods and strategies for advocacy on social issues. The objective of the one-month mentoring and coaching initiative was to increase the capacity of journalists to report better on issues related to the expansion and protection of human rights, with a special focus on marginalized and/or disadvantaged groups, and to help set in motion processes aimed at changing social norms.

The initiative focused on legislation (being aware of and using existing legal mechanisms), raising awareness, building partnerships and developing community mobilization activities. “We were able to sign a memorandum with the authorities and produce a radio spot on premature marriages,” says Esmeralda Tomé at the Ehale Community Radio in Nacala-a-Velha in Nampula. “We have planned a series of activities and programs in September related to premature marriages and school retention,” explains Esmeralda. Girls who get married and/or become pregnant while still in school typically drop out of the formal education system and often do not return to resume their schooling.

The team at Ehale is focused on raising awareness among girls and their parents of their rights and changing social norms to discourage early marriage and pregnancy, which is a persistent issue in the area. This includes community outreach efforts aimed at building support at the community level for woman- and girl-friendly norms and attitudes. h2n, which is primarily supported by Norway, works extensively with community radios, produces community videos, broadcasts the “Saude e Vida” television program on health and wellness, facilitates youth engagement hubs and pursues a rapidly expanding gender equality agenda.

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