Eloise: Twelve thousand homeless in Zambézia

At least 12,000 people were left homeless in Zambézia as a result of tropical cyclone Eloise, according to Max Tonela, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and head of the government team assessing the impact of the storm in the province.

In addition to the destruction of homes, several schools and some electricity supply infrastructure were affected, cutting power was cut to around 33,000 Mozambique Electricity (EDM) customers in Zambézia.

Of the four districts affected, only Chinde district remained completely without power on Monday evening.

Sofala province was also affected by tropical cyclone Eloise. The Munhava substation was shut down to prevent damage, leaving the city of Beira without power for a few hours.

“We also had damage in Búzi, Muxúnguè, among others” […] “which have remained without power up to the present time,” Minister Tonela said.

“We also have an identical situation in the south of the country, specifically in Inhambane province,” where districts such as Vilanculo and Govuro were affected, as well as Machanga, in Sofala, the minister added.

Chinde district without data and voice services

Data and voice services provided by mobile operators were also affected as a result of Eloise’s landfall.

Assessing damage in Zambézia, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Manuela Rebelo, reported that Movitel and Vodacom were already functioning, albeit with minor problems, while Chinde district remained without access to data and voice services.

“In Quelimane, there is a big team” out working on the problem, Rebelo said, and resolution of problems in Nampula will depend in part on systems getting back up in Zambézia.

This Wednesday, the government work teams were set to meet again in order to assess what has been accomplished and find solutions to problems still persisting.

By Jorge Marcos

Source: O País

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