Concern as children’s Covid cases rise in Mozambiqu

Charity organisation Save the Children has expressed concern over the increase in Covid cases among children in Mozambique.

Its advocacy manager, Jaime Chivite, said the number of cases for children under the age of 14 had tripled in the past three days.

The charity has called for more decisive measures to be taken to combat the virus. He urged people to cancel celebrations involving children and for strict preventive measures to be followed in primary schools.

He said the daily infections had risen from an average of 20 to over 50 over the past three weeks, and on Tuesday “we recorded 126 cases of infections in children”.

He said children did not have face masks in schools because they could not afford them – and called for assistance from everyone including the government to address the problem.

The concerns came as the country registered 1,458 positive cases of Covid-19 and 11 deaths on Tuesday, its highest number since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The previous peak was on 29 January, when the country registered 1,275 cases.

The cumulative total number of deaths is 923. Source: BBC

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