Commander of reservists condemns nepotism in military recruitment

The commander of the reservists in the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM), David Munongoro, has protested that the current procedures for recruiting soldiers to the FADM do not produce the kind of army needed in the fight against islamist terrorists in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

Speaking to reporters during a Scientific Conference in Maputo on defence and security, he denounced nepotism in military recruitment

“We must recruit in order to wage war”, said Munongoro. “But what happens today is that we recruit in order to give people jobs. I recruit my son because I can’t educate him, so I send him into the army or the police. Then, when I hear that he’s being sent to Cabo Delgado, I do everything to take his name off the list”.

“Let’s imagine that we all do this. Then who will go to Cabo Delgado?”, he asked.

It was up to the State to motivate the troops by providing them with decent conditions, Munongoro added. “There should be good quality food, good equipment, good pay”, he stressed. “And when I speak of good pay, I’m not just talking about wages, I’m also including life insurance. And in the event of his death, a soldier must be sure that his family will be well looked after”.

Munongoro was head of the military police for 12 years, and has also served as deputy commander of the Higher Institute of Defence Studies.

Source: AIM

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