Civil war, civil peace

Civil war, civil peaceed by Helen Yanacopulos and Joseph Hanlon. This 2006 textbook for an Open University course on civil wars provides a very useful way to analyse and understand the Cabo Delgado war, clarifying issues of flags and grievances, and how to end such a war. We have now made it free to download in pdf: At first glance, every civil war is unique, but there are many civil wars and patterns are often similar. Understanding past lessons and applying them to Mozambique's new civil war can make a major difference to ending the war.

"The Weaponry of IS Central Africa (Pt 1): Insurgents in Mozambique", Calibre Obscura, 22 Dec 2021 A very detailed report with pictures of the insurgents' weaponry, mostly captured from Mozambican government forces. (Moz24)

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