Cabo Delgado: Vodacom restores telecommunication network in Palma, Mocímboa da Praia

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Vodacom’s communication network , including the M-Pesa mobile wallet service, has already been restored in Cabo Delgado province, specifically in Vila Sede de Palma, Afungi, Quionga and Quitupo, as well as in Awasse and Vila Sede in Mocimboa da Praia , which had been destroyed following the terrorist attacks that began in 2017. In this context, Vodacom Mozambique is the first and only mobile operator, so far, to re-establish communication in the areas in question.

“Our purpose is to always provide the best communication to our customers and partners. We were deeply concerned that there was no network in Palma and Mocímboa da Praia, so we made efforts to restore them quickly. With the network restored, we believe that we offer the opportunity for people to connect whenever they want and have access to information 24 hours a day. Connected, we make a difference, especially in adverse moments”, highlighted Jerry Mobbs, General Manager of Vodacom.

Ever since security conditions were guaranteed by the Defence and Security Forces at the above mentioned areas , Vodacom’s technical teams deployed to the field, in order to restore the lines of communication as swiftly as possible and ensure the much-needed communication of people, through the mobile network.

Source: Vodacom Mozambique Press Release (via CineGroup)

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