Cabo Delgado

'Islands of integrity' and 'rejection of corruption'

essential to end war, says ISS report

Photo: Estacio Valoi

"‘Islands of integrity’ should be created in counter-terrorism programmes through zero tolerance of nepotism, bribery, trafficking or influence in access to public services. The effective management and distribution of aid to internally displaced people must be guaranteed," writes Borges Nhamirre in a 5 November ISS Policy Brief. "Employment opportunities and rural development policies are needed in the area. The government’s ongoing Integrated Northern Development Agency (ADIN) project is a good model but must be managed as an island of integrity."

"Good governance and a rejection of corruption must be promoted in the state apparatus," says Nhamirre. "Mozambique needs help to promote good governance in Cabo Delgado, free from corruption and focused on the needs of the citizen. Mozambique needs support in creating strong institutions with legitimacy that can be trusted by the population."

Photo: Estacio Valoi

He also highlights equipment, salaries and training. But intelligence capacity is key. "Both SADC and Rwanda should help Mozambican defence and security forces to build intelligence to distinguish insurgents from civilians in communities where SADC is embedded. … Training programmes for Mozambican forces should include the training of intelligence officials to deal with terrorism threats in a timely manner. The courses should also cover compliance with the law, respect for human rights, discipline and integrity."

Photo: Estacio Valoi

The good recommendations are largely separate from the paper itself, which is an excellent history of foreign intervention in support of government in this war. Rwanda has 2000 troops on the ground, deployed in the gas zone of Palma and Mocimboa da Praia districts. The SADC Military Mission (SAMIM) is in Nangade, Mueda and Macomia districts. SAMIM is made up of Botswana (296 people), Tanzania (277), South Africa (270), Lesotho (70), Angola (20) and Malawi and Zimbabwe (1 each). The EU training mission has 140 people in Mozambique.

"Will foreign intervention end terrorism in Cabo Delgado?" by Borges Nhamirre, Institute for Security Studies (ISS), 5 November.

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