Audience research enhances understanding of information needs at the community level

Throughout the current quarter, h2n teams have been carrying out systematic audience research of radio listeners in all regions of the country and in almost every province.

The audience research, which is funded by Norway, helps map attitudes, norms and behaviors and also gives the team and the radio stations they work with a better understanding of the information needs in the communities where they operate.

“Understanding the audience is the first step in effective community engagement,” explains Neuza Fortunato, who worked with local radios in Caia, Gorongosa, Nhamatanda and Buzi in recent weeks. “One of our goals is to establish strong links between local civil society organizations and radio stations, so that the organizations can communicate better with the communities – and the radios make their programs more relevant,” says Rodrigues Luis, another member of the h2n team in the central region.

The research includes, among other things, an assessment of a series of Covid programs produced with h2n support over the past year. Team members also collect stories from community member to see whether the programs had been effective in countering myths, misperceptions and disinformation related to the pandemic.

“The communication we have done under the CRP2 project has brought us closer to our listeners because they are now able to see through myths and misperceptions in a reliable way,” says Rodrigues Tembo, a journalist based at RC Nhamatanda, one of many community radio personnel participating in the data gethering.

The audience research is carried out with mobile phones using Kobo Toolbox software. h2n works with community-based communication, produces television programs and video content, organizes youth centers and pursues a comprehensive gender equality agenda. (Moz24h)

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