Aires Aly former prime-minister leaked on Pandora Papers

Leaked documents reveal that Ali worked with two firms to help obscure his connection to Stonelake Enterprises Ltd. in the Seychelles.

In September 2012, less than a month before Ali was dismissed as prime minister, he formed the shell company through a tax consultancy based in Switzerland. The consultancy worked with a Panama-based law firm, Alcogal, which provided the shareholder and directors of Stonelake Enterprises Ltd. By using "nominees," Ali could shield his identity as the shell company’s owner.

Leaked records in the Pandora Papers do not state the company’s purpose.

In 2013, he and his daughter, Judite Tânia Baptista Ali, authorized the company to open a bank account with a Lisbon-based wealth management firm.

Ali and his daughter did not respond to ICIJ’s requests for comment.

Aires Ali has spent his career in Mozambique politics. He is a former prime minister and has been touted as a possible presidential candidate. He is one of a handful of influential politicians who help run Frelimo, the political party that has been in power since Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975.

In 2019, Ali was elected to Parliament. Before that, he was appointed to a variety of high-level government positions, under two presidents. Ali served as ambassador to China from 2016 to October 2017. He was prime minister for two years, from 2010 to 2012, until he was ousted in a cabinet reshuffle. He served as the country’s education minister from 2005 to 2010. And he twice served as a provincial governor, running one province from 1994 to 1997 and another from 2000 to 2004

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