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AIJC2020 speakers


Africa’s premier investigative journalism conference goes virtual with the continent’s best for 25+ sessions of great stories, new tools and techniques, networking and master classes.

The Mozambican speakers present at the conference Estacio Valoi an Investigative journalist from the Center for Mozambique Investigative Journalism CJIMOZ on the “ Top investigative environmental journalists will discuss new techniques for effective wildlife trafficking and conservation stories in Southern Africa, giving examples of sources, story angles, means of presenting their stories, and other important aspects. They will also share experiences of sourcing and using data to conduct compelling investigations, providing tips, and engaging in an interactive discussion about the best practices of covering wildlife stories.”

Luis Nhachote Executive Coordinator from Centro de Jornalismo investigativo (CJIMOZ) who will share the discussion with other speakers on Fake degrees, sex for marks, phony professors ... there has been a spate of exposes from the continent's campuses. Here we look at three case studies.

And final, a show of solidarity for our colleagues under fire across the continent in the annual lecture to remember an investigative journalist killed in Mozambique while probing corruption. This year, we feature speakers from four countries: Zimbabwe, Niger, Egypt and Mozambique - Matias Guente Executive Editor of Canal de Moçambique Newspaper ( Moz24h)

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