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11,104 camped at the gateof Afungi with no relief aid

UN Migration (IOM) said 11,104 displaced people are camped at the Quitunda primary school. Most have walked to flee the fighting. Quitunda is the resettlement village just outside the gate of the Afungi Peninsula construction site recently abandoned by Total, and now in control of the Mozambican army. Other sources say this is just the number at the school and there are 20,000 displaced people at Quitunda.

World Food Programme (WFP) says "there are people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Palma, Quitunda and Afungi." But it says it cannot help because there are not yet "safe humanitarian channels to be able to provide life-saving assistance for people in those affected areas."

There are no longer insurgents in the area, so the only security issue must be the defence forces (FDS). The key phrase is "safe humanitarian channels". Food and other assistance would have to land at the Afungi airstrip, and apparently once it is taken off the plane the FDS takes control of it. This is not considered acceptable by UN agencies, and the stalemate has lasted more than a week. (Moz24h)

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